This is a subtitle editing tutorial overview. For example, you can harcode subtitles into your movie files. And I also explain to you how to synchronize subtitles. So that your subtitles run parallel. With your movie or tv show. Because it sometimes occurs. That there is no good subtitle file, which is similar to the speech in the movie or series.

windows logo nzbusenetEdit Windows subtitles

This is an overview of Windows manuals. These only focus on the Windows operating system. It may be that these manuals display something different on your computer. This depends on the Windows version that is used.

Add subtitles to your movie with Mkvtoolnix

What is covered in this subtitle tutorial?

  1. Add subtitles to your movie with Mkvtoolnix

Hardcode subtitles in your video file

How can you simply harcode a subtitle? In your video files.

  1. VidCoder harcode subtitles in your video file.

Burn subtitles in your movie

in this tutorial. We are goint to burn subtitles into your movie file. This is necessary if, for example, you watch movies via DLNA from your TV. Because often the TV software cannot handle separate SRT files.

  1. Burn in subtitles with VLC media player.

Match subtitles

  1. Synchronize subtitles with Subtitle workshop

Edit subtitles on MacOS

This is an overview of MacOS subtitle tutorials.