Binreader tutorial overview from the newsgroups

Binreader manual

This is a Binreader tutorial overview. Binreader is a fairly simple Usenet client. Almost as simple. If the Grabit program.

Binreader benefits:

  1. It is free.
  2. It is easy to use.
  3. You can download files automatically. And repair with par2 files. And then unpack.
  4. Support for playing video files. During the download.

Cons of Binreader:

  1. No support for multiple news servers.
  2. No speed limiter.
  3. Upgrade does not go smoothly. You must first remove the old version. And then install the new version. This will cause settings to be lost.

Windows Binreader tutorial overview

This is an overview of tutorials for the Binreader program. These only focus on the Windows operating system. We cant make for each operating system of Windows. Create a separate user manual. So it could be so. That on your computer. Looks a bit Then in these tutorials. Is displayed.

Install and configure binreader

What is being discussed? in this Binreader Windows tutorial?

  1. Install Binreader Windows.
  2. Configure Binreader Windows.

Binreader tutorial Ubuntu

These tutorials. Are for the advanced computer users. This is because these tutorials are a lot harder. We use the command line.

Installing Binreader

What is covered in this Ubuntu tutorial?

  1. Install binreader via the command line.