via the command line upload with Newspost

In this tutorial, uploading with Newspost on Ubuntu. I will explain how you can upload to the newsgroups. Via the command line with Newspost.

Installing software to upload to the newsgroups.

First we need to Install the necessary software to pack files and upload them to the newsgroups.

sudo apt-get install par2 newspost rar

The software is now installed.

Create rar files

We will now create the Rar files.

rar a “name of the rar file file” -v50m -m0 “/home/example/upload/”*

Explanation of the above command.

v50m are 50mb rar files each.

-m0 is the compression level. 0 Is saving. 3 Is standard. 5 Is the best compressed.

/home/example/upload Everything in this folder is packed.

Create par files

Now we will create the par files.

par2create -r5 -n8 “name of par file” /home/example/upload/*.rar*

Explanation of the above command.

r5 is what percentage you want to make. So in this case that is 5% percent.

-n8 Is how many files you want to create. So in this case these are 8 par files.

/home/example/upload/*.rar* is everything in this folder that ends with .rar

Newspost Uploading Ubuntu – Post in the newsgroups

Now we will upload to the newsgroups.

newspost -i -u username -p password -f [email protected] -n alt.binaries.moovee -y -s “topic” “/home/example/upload/*.part*” “/home/example/upload/*.par*”

The above speaks for itself. Everything in the “/home/example/upload/” folder. Is uploaded to the “alt.binaries.moovee” newsgroup. With the subject “topic”.

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