Configure Grabit to download from the newsgroups

In the manual we will configure Grabit. To download from the newsgroups. This is also called Usenet. You need a Usenet server for this. You can use a Free News Server. But these are often very bad. It is best to choose a paid Usenet server.

Configure Grabit

Grabit news server Usenet hostname

If we start Grabit for the first time. Then we can set up Grabit right away. You have to enter the Usenet server data. This information, you can often find on the website of your Usenet provider.

Enter the Usenet host-name. Also known as the Usenet server.

After that, click Next >

Grabit account loginname and password for grabit setup

Then enter the Usenername and Password. This information is often in the welcome email, which you have received from your Usenet provider.

Grabit is ready to use

Then click Finish.

usenet newsgroups download grabi from your news server

If everything went well. Then you will now receive the above notification.

Click No.

By default, Grabit is set to 10 connections. If your news server supports more connections. Then you can raise this. If you use other applications that also connect to the newsgroups. Don’t forget to take it off.

This information can often be found on the website of your Usenet provider. Or in the e-mail. Which you had when activating your usenet account.

Configure Grabit news server setup eweka

Click your news server with your right mouseclick. And then choose Server properties.

 adjust number of usenet connections grabi

Adjust the Maximum allowed connections. To the number that your Usenet provider supports.

If you use another program like SpotNet. Lower this setting by two connections. Otherwise, you won’t be unable to start SpotNet and Grabit at the same time. Because Spotnet also eats a connection.

This was the configure Grabit manual.

You can start now. With downloading nzb files.

This was the Grabit Setup Guide. We can now go to the next step. Downloading with Grabit.

Windows Grabit tutorial

  1. Grabit tutorial.
  2. Install Grabit.
  3. Configure Grabit to download.
  4. Downloading with Grabit.

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