CouchPotato solve known problems


On this page there is an overview of CouchPotato known issues. If you miss something, feel free to post a message below. Maybe we can help you further with CouchPotato.

Couchpotato does not download all films or just a few films

Option 1

This is probably because a film was released earlier than the official release date. Go to CouchPotato Settings. Go to Searcher. And turn Always Search on. If you do not see the option. Then turn on Advance Mode in CouchPotato.

Beware! The chance that more fake downloads are downloaded is greater.

Option 2

You have gone through your API requests with your Newznab provider. For TV series you have many good free Newznab providers. And that’s why you don’t have the problem there so quickly. This is not the case for Couchpotato.

This can be solved by upgrading your account with your Newznab provider. Or by adding additional Newznab providers. For a list with Newznab provider see. Newznab providers. There is another possibility. And that is running your own SpotWeb. SpotWeb can also be configured as a Newznab provider.

Option 3

Restart CouchPotato. Sometimes CouchPotato gets stuck when searching for movies.

CouchPotato download poor quality movies

Go to Settings. Choose Categories. And then adjust the settings below.


Add the following at Ignored.
“hd-ts, hd-cam, DVDscr, .ts., .CAM.,HDTV,password,wmv,”

At Ignored you can also add the following. If you do not have support for this. Or you don’t want this type of movie.


Prefered Add the following.


CouchPotato does not download foreign spoken movies.

Go to Settings. Go to Categories. At Ignored, remove the words of the foreign spoken languages.

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