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In this downloading with SpotNet tutorial. We are going to discuss how to download with SpotNet. We do this by downloading an NZB file with SpotNet. En vervolgens gaan we dit NZB bestand openen met een download programma. Some well-known download programs for the newsgroups are Grabit, NZBget, Newsleecher or SABnzbd.

Download with SpotNet

customize spotnet views

When the Spots are loaded. Then we first go to Beeld. And then to Kolommen. Select Datum, (date) Omvang (size) and possibly the Tag. This is very useful. Because you can often see from the date (datum) how long something has been on SpotNet. And then you know if you have enough retention to download it through your news server. However, this is not always the case. Because it can be. That whoever spots it on SpotNet. That its is not the uploader.

The size is also very handy, so you can immediately see whether the format is correct and it says something about the quality of, for example, a movie.

Nzb download SpotNet with external download program

download spotnet nzb save button

Personally, I’m not a big fan of using SpotNet’s built-in download client. Because SpotNet often crashes. And often has an outdated download client. And then it may be that not everything is unpacked.

Fortunately, we can adjust this. You do this by going to Bewerken .(edit) And then choose Downloadknop (downloadbuttun). And then check NZB opslaan (Save nzb file).

Download with built-in download client SABNZBD

SpotNet uses SABnzbd underwater. Make sure you always have the latest SpotNet installed. Otherwise, extracting NZB files may not go well.

Open Sabnzbd SpotNet

Not all SABnzbd settings can be done in SpotNet. Therefore, it may be useful to open SABnzbd from SpotNet.

Option 1

Open your web browser. And go to

SpotNet must be open. Otherwise the page cannot be found.

Option 2

In SpotNet, go to Editthen choose Sabnzbd. And then open Sabnzbd.

Option 2 has some limitations. I therefore recommend that you use option 1.

Select downloads SpotNet

SpotNet filters movies

It is time to look up some cool stuff to download from SpotNet. On the left side you have a block of Filters. Then click on Films.

spotnet search files

You will also see a block with Zoeken (Search). Enter the name of the movie you want to download here. And then click on the Magnifying Glass.

spotnet search result overview

On the right side appears the result that matches your search.

Then click on what you want to download.

spotnet movie blue arrow download

The following screen will appear. Here you will see the information about what you want to download. At the top right you see a big blue arrow. Click on this and SpotNet. Then asks you to save the NZB file somewhere. Next, you have to choose to save the NZB file somewhere on your computer.

You can then open the NZB file in, for example, SABnzbd or NZBGet. For more information on this see Install NZBGet on Windows. Orinstall Sabznbd Windows.

If you don’t want to install SpotNet. But you do want to download nzb files from the SpotNet network. Then you can also use SpotNet Online.

You are now finched with the tutorial how to download with the SpotNet.

SpotNet tutorial Windows

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  3. Configure SpotNet.
  4. Downloading with SpotNet.

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