Download subtitle SRT files with subtitle download sites

This is an overview of the best subtitle download sites. Where you can download English or other languages subtitles. This subtitle files. Can you add to your movies or series. So you your movie or series. Can follow better. These subtitle files often have the extension SRT. There is also software that makes it possible to download subtitles. For more information about this, see Subtitle download software.

When you finish downloading your subtitles. Then you can start enjoying your film or tv show. You must give the subtitle file the same name as the movie file.

Download English subtitles

You can download English subtitles from the following websites.

  3. English subtitles and other. Beware a lot of Advertising!
  4. English and other subtitles can be found here.
  5. Here you can only download subtitle files, for tv series. English and other subtitles can be found here.
  7. Here you can download English and other subtitles.
  8. English and other
  9. Like the name suggests. Only subtitles for TV series.
  10. A lot of foreign subtitles can be found here. But every now and then also English subtitles.

Subtitle search engines

This is an overview of the best subtitle search engines. These websites themselves do not host subtitle files.


Download English subtitles

These are websites. Where you can download the best English subtitles. Or a different language than English.

  1. Here you can only find subtitles for TV series.

This was an overview of subtitle download sites.

Do you have a subtitle download site. That is is not mentioned here? Then leave a reply. You can leave a comment below this message.

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