Bs-player download subtitles

In this tutorial Bs-player subtitles. I explain how to download subtitles with BS.Player. It is of course also possible to download It is of course also possible to download the subtitles in different languages with BS.Player. language subtitles with BS.Player.

Download and install BS.Player

Download the latest version of BS.player from

Choose Download Free.


When BS.Player has been downloaded the ..Setup.exe starts Click on I Agree.

bsplayer setup wizard

Click Next.

image 156

Click Next Again.

bsplayer start menu

Again on Next.

image 157

Click Next again.

Select your language, if this is not already the case.

bs player installatie map

Click Install now.

image 158

Now you have a chance that you will receive the above message click Yes. Otherwise you have the chance that you will not be able to play all video clips.

bs player install done

Zet het vinkje uit run BS Player free. Then click Finish.

Download subtitles BS player

Choose Bs-player subtitles

Open the desired movie. With bs-player.

It is important that your movie has the original name of the scene. If you have renamed it manually then the chance decreases. That the correct subtitle is found.

Click with your right mouse on the movie. Go to Options and choose Preferences. Or Ctrl + P. Go to Subtitles. And then internet subtitles. Enter your login details of here. If you did that. Then you can close this window.

Download subtitles. Do you again with your right mouse click on the movie. Then choose Search subtitles on the internet. And then All. If you get a message that it was not found. Then the subtitles are simply not yet translated or are not available.

This was the tutorial BS.Player subtitles download Windows.

If you do not find the desired subtitle with the above. See also the following pages subtitle download and subtitle download software. You may be able to find the subtitles you want.

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