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Emby allows you to start a free media server. Some options do have to be paid for. Emby is available for various platforms. As well as various nas systems but also Lunix and Windows.

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windows logo-nzbusenetEmby tutorial Windows Overview

This is an overview of tutorials for the Emby program.



Ubuntu logo-nzbusnetEmby tutorial Ubuntu overview

This is an overview of emby tutorials. These tutorials are only aimed at the operating system Ubuntu. However, almost everything is the same. As on other Unix distributions. Because we will often use the command line. These tutorials, are only recommended for the more experienced computer user.

Install Emby



Debian Emby tutorial

This is an overview of Debian manuals for Emby

  1. install Emby Debian .


synology-logo-nzbusenetEmby Synology Overview

This is an overview of emby tutorials for Synology.