An Overview of Known Grabit Error Messages

Grabit errors

Grabit is the simplest download program, to download from the newsgroups. Here is a list of Grabit error messages, which are known to us.

Group not available on server error Grabit

You can probably solve this by doing the following. Go to the Server Properties. And turn on the following option Change active group before downloading article. Your problem should now be solved.

Error: No group Selected

You can solve this by doing the following. Go to the properties of the server settings. And turn on Change active group before downloading. Your problem should be solved with this.

Grabit Error while selecting group 480

There is something wrong with your Usenet account settings. Check whether the data has been entered correctly in the Grabit Server settings.

502 Authentication Failed Grabit

The following could be wrong:

Username or password is incorrect
Account has expired.

The news server address will most likely be correct. Otherwise you will get a different error message.

Grabit error code 482: You are not allowed to use this serv

Remove the news server. And adding again can help.

Unable to extract files with Grabit error messages

This can be due to several reasons. Make sure Grabit is always up to date.

Grabitt download folders
Sometimes a download is placed in multiple groups. Grabit then puts each file in a separate folder. You can turn this off. Disable this option under Edit and then Preferance.

Grabit doesn’t handle the latest Rar files well. You can extract everything manually. You need to install Quickpar and Winrar for this.

Start Quickpar first and then start Winrar to extract everything. For more information see the Winrar user manual. And the Quickpar checking files .

The best solution is to use another program. Like for example SABnzbd or NZBget. Grabit doesn’t handle well with intentionally misnamed files. It is also best to extract manually for this. Start Quickpar first and then Winrar.

Grabit article not found

This can be for several reasons. In any case, this is not due to Grabit but to the news server you use. The article may be too old. Or it may have been removed from the news server. You can try to download it with another news server.

This was an overview of known Grabit error messages.

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