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This is a Grabit manual overview. Grabit is a free program, to download from the newsgroups. Grabit is programmed, and developed by Ilan Shemes. Grabit also makes it possible. To search the newsgroups. This only has to be paid monthly. This is not a problem in itself. Because you can use free search engines. So if, for example, or

Grabit benefits:

  1. Very easy to use.
  2. Built-in feature. To be able to automatically repair and unpack files.

Grabit Cons:

  1. Doesn’t work at all not optimally, with multiple news servers.
  2. Eats more computing power off your computer. For example, the Sabnzbd or NZBget program.
  3. Processing downloaded headers. Could take a very, very long time. Hardly anyone uses this yet. Instead, Nzb files are used.

Grabit tutorial Windows overview

This is an overview of manuals for the Grabit program. These tutorials are aimed only at the operating system Windows Unfortunately, we can’t do for every version of Windows. Create a separate user manual. So it could be so. That it looks slightly different on your computer. Different then displayed in these tutorials.

Install and configure Grabit

What’s to be covered this Grabit manual, for Windows?

  1. Install Grabit.
  2. Configure Grabit news server.
  3. Grabit download folder options.

Grabit other questions

  1. Grabit known error messages and problems.

Grabit Ubuntu overview

This program, is only available for the Windows control system. If you use the Ubuntu control system. Then, you can make the best use of SABnzbd. Or even better NZBGet.