Install HalloNzb Windows to download from Usenet

In this HalloNzb manual we are going to install HalloNzb. And then configure. To download from the newsgroups. HallonNzb does not have a setup. But before we can make full use of HalloNzb. We need to install some other programs first. And that’s what we’re going to do now.

Install Java

Before we can install HalloNzb, we need to make sure that the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) version 1.6 is installed on your computer. You can download the latest version of JRE here. If you’re sure you’ve installed version 16+. Then you can skipp this part.


Click on the big red button. With the text Free Java download on the java website.

java chord

Then click on the above button Agree to the license terms and start the free download. On the website of java.

An Exe file is now being downloaded. We need to open this file.


Click on Install now.

java toolbar

Now you can ask here to install a Free toolbar. Tick the box here because we don’t want that. And click Next.


Now you get the screen above.

Java install-ready

Now you get above screen choose Close. Now you can get a website where you can check if the java installation has been successful. However, you have a chance that this won’t work until your browser has started from scratch.

Install Unrar.

In order to extract the downloaded files from the newsgroups automatically, we need to install Unrar.

Download UnRAR for Windows here


Launch the downloaded exe file and choose Install. Take a good look at the location where Unrar is installed because you still need that when we start configuring HelloNnzb. you have now finished installing unrar.

Install Par2

quickpar installation

To be able to check and repair files, we need QuickPar. It may very well be that you have already installed QuickPar. If so, you can skip this step. Download QuickPar here and launch the downloaded exe file. Choose Next.

quickPar install folder

Remembers this installation location. Because we still need it when we configure HalloNzb. Now press Next Next.


Choose Install.


Choose Next.


Select Finish. You’re done installing QuickPar now.

Install HelloNzb

Now we’re just going to install HelloNZb. Download the latest version of HalloNzb HalloNzb does not have a Setup so you can place this Exe yourself somewhere in a folder where you want it as soon as you start this exe will immediately open the HalloNzb.

tutorial Windows HalloNZB

  1. HalloNzb tutorial.
  2. Installing HalloNzb.
  3. Configure HalloNzb.

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