HalloNzb tutorial Java Usenet client

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This is a HalloNzb tutorial overview. HalloNzb is a Java Usenet donwload client. This program is written in the Java programming language. The advantage of this is. That this Usenet client. Available is on multiple operating systems.

HalloNzb benefits:

  1. HallopNzb can extract files automatically.
  2. Works on multiple operating systems. Thanks to the Java programming language.

Cons HalloNzb:

  1. Only supports one news server at a time.
  2. No web interface available. As with SABnzbd and NZBGet, for example.
  3. Uses more CPU power from your computer. This is because of Java.

HalloNzb Windows overview

This is an overview of tutorials for the HalloNzb program. These are only targeting the Windows operating system. We cant make for each Windows operating system a a separate user manual. So it can be that way. That on your computer. Looks a bit Different then displayed in these tutorials.

Install and configure HalloNzb

What is covered in this Windows HalloNzb tutorial?

  1. Installing HalloNzb.
  2. Configure HalloNzb.

Ubuntu HalloNzb overview

These manuals are for advanced computer users. Because this is often installed via the command line.

Install HalloNnzb Ubuntu

What is covered in this Ubuntu HalloNZb tutorial?

  1. Installing HalloNZB Ubuntu. ( Under development)
  2. Configure HalloNzb Ubuntu ( Under development)