Htpc Manager tutorial overview, Ubuntu, Windows

htpc manager

This is a HTPC Manager tutorial overview. HTPC Manager allows to manage all entertainment. from one program. For example, the following programs are supported, SickBeard, Kodi Transmission, and SABnzbd. These programs can all be accessed from HTPC Manager.

Benefits HTPC Manager:

  1. Managing your download programs.

Disadvantages Htpc Manager:

  1. The first time it takes more time to set it up.

HTPC tutorial Manual Ubuntu Overview

This is an overview of tutorials for the program Htpc Manager. These manuals are made for Ubuntu. But if you use another Lunix distrubutie. Then the difference is not that big.

Install HTPC Manager

What is going to be covered in this HTPC Manager tutorial?

  1. Install Ubuntu Htpc Manager via the command line.
  2. HTPC Manager Setup.