install Bazarr Synology automatically download subtitles

in this tutorial Install Bazarr Synology. Wo are going to install the Bazarr program on a Synology system. With this program you can automatically download subtitles from various websites. Zodra deze beschikbaar zijn.

Bazarr can be linked to Sonarr and Radarr. If you don’t use either of these two programs. Then there is no point in installing this software. It is then not possible to search for the subtitles.

Add Synology Bazarr repository

If you have not added yet, Then we should do that first. Otherwise you will not be able to download Bazarr.

Open je browser. And then you will go to your Synology homepage.

package centerum synology

Go to the Package Center.

open synology settings

Now click Settings.

allow any publisher to install synology

Check the box for Any publisher here.

packages set up syno community

Go to the Package Resources tab.

Click Add.

Enter a Name.

At location enter the following “” Now click OK. And then OK again.

Install Bazarr Synology

Now we can install Bazarr on your Synology system.

Install synology package centerum software.

Go to the Package Center.

Install Bazarr Synology

Go to Community.

Search for Bazarr. And then click Install.

bazarr install synology

You will see it being installed. The status is installing. This may take a few minutes.

Open bazarr synology

When the installation is complete. Then the status changes to Open. You have now finished installing Bazarr on your Synology system. You can now configure it so that your subtitles are downloaded automatically. As soon as the desired subtitle is available on one of the subtitle sources.

Tutorial Synology Bazarr

  1. Install Bazarr Synology.
  2. Synology Bazarr configure.

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