Install Cardigann Ubuntu Command line

Install Cardigann Ubuntu tutorial.

Make the Cardigann folder.

mkdir ./cardigann

Map rights.

sudo chown -R Username:username ./cardigann

Download the latest version.

You can find the latest version on  Copy and paste the Lunix Vesion afther wget. For example.


Unpack Cardigann to hidden folder cardigann.

tar -xf cardigann-stable-linux-amd64.tgz -C ./cardigann

Go to map cardigann.

cd ./cardigann

You can start Cardigann.

./cardigann server –bind=”″ –port=”5060″

You can now open Cardigann through http://ip-adress:5060

Cardigann Ubuntu autostart

It is also very useful if Cardigann is started during the startup of Ubuntu. I am going to explain here how you can do that.

We are going to create a Cardigann systemd configuration file.

sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/cardigann.service

Copy and paste the following. And then edit it. With your own username.

Description=Cardigann Daemon
ExecStart=./cardigann/cardigann server –bind=”″ –port=”5060″ –passphrase=”htpcguides”


Press Ctrl + X and then Y to save this file.

Activate Cardigann systemd.

sudo systemctl enable cardigann

Start Cardigann.

sudo service cardigann start

You can also use stop or restart. For exmple “dudo service cardigann stop”

The installation of Cardigann is now complete.

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