Install Cardigann Ubuntu via command line

In this Ubuntu install cardigans tutorial via the command line. I’ll explain how to install Cardigann. On a Ubuntu computer. Via the command line.

Install Cardigann Ubuntu

First we need to Create a folder for Cardigann.

mkdir ./cardigann

We must now put the rights right. On this folder. Beware! User must be your own Ubuntu username.

sudo chown -R yourusername:yourusername ./cardigann

We are now going to download the latest version of Cardigan for Ubuntu.

You can find the latest version at: Copy the link from the Lunix version. and paste the link after wget. So as an example.


We are now going to unpack cardigann. And then we install Cardigann in the hidden folder cardigann.

tar -xf cardigann-stable-linux-amd64.tgz -C ./cardigann

We are going to open the Cardigann folder.

cd ./cardigann

You can now start Cardigann. With the following command.

./cardigann server –bind=”″ –port=”5060″

You can now access Cardigann via your browser by surfing to http://je-ip.adres:5060

Cardigann Auto Start Ubuntu

Of course it is also very useful when cardigann is started During the startup of Ubuntu. I’m going to explain here how to do thatt.

When you have started Cardigann. Then press Ctrl + C key. So Cardigann. Shuts down again.

We are now going to create a cardigans systemd configuration file.

sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/cardigann.service

Copy and paste the text below. Beware! Customize the user name. To that of your own Ubuntu user name.

Description=Cardigann Daemon
ExecStart=./cardigann/cardigann server –bind=”″ –port=”5060″ –passphrase=”wachtwoord”


Now press the Ctrl + X keys. And then the Y key. To save this file.

Now we are going to activate Cardigans Systemd service.

sudo systemctl enable cardigann

Now we start Cardigann.

sudo service cardigann start

You can also stop. or restart. For examplesudo service cardigann stop.

The installation of Cardigann is now ready.

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