Install CouchPotato Synology NAS System to download Movies

In this install CouchPotato Synology NAS system. Let’s install CouchPotato on a Synology NAS system. Next, we will configure CouchPotato to automatically download your movies from the newsgroups.

Add package source capability to your Synology NAS.

Before we can install CouchPotato on your Synology. We need to add this capability first. If you’ve already done this. Then you can skip this step.

Synology Package Center-um

If you are logged in to your Synology webpage. Then open Package Center.

Synology Settings

Then go to Settings.

any publisher synology

Select Each publisher.

Synology Package Source-Add

Go to thePackage Sources tab. Then click Add. Please enter a name . En bij de locatie vul je het volgende in ““. Now click OK. And OK again. You can also add “” after the first one doesn’t work anymore.

Install CouchPotato

Now we can actually install it on your Synology.

Go back to the Package center.

synology community settings dsm6

Scroll down. and click Community.

Install CouchPotato Synology

Search for CouchPotato. and then click Install.

couchpotato rights synology

The next screen appears. Then click Next.

install couchpotato synology

Click Applynow .

When the installation is complete. Then you can access CouchPotato via your browser. At the following address http://your-ip-adress-local:5050

You are now done installing CouchPotato.

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