Install Jackett Docker Synology

We are going in this tutorial Jackett Docker Synology. Install the Jackett program on a Synology system via Docker. Jackett adds additional Torrent providers to automatic download programs. Such as Radarr, SickChill, Lidarr, and many other programs.

Install Docker Synology for Jackett

We are going to install Jackett Docker on a Synology nas system. So that we have additional torrent providers at our disposal. The advantage of Docker is that you can install just about anything that works on a Linux system. You are no longer dependent on whether a Synology package is made.

Open the page of your Synology system.

Go to the Packe center.

install docker synology

Go to all packages. And search for Docker. And then click Install.

Install Jackett Docker Synology

Now we can install the Jackett program on Docker.

Docker launches synology.

Top left of your Synology page. You can open the Docker program.

add jackett image docker

Go to Image. Then add. Add from URL.

add jack docker link

Then enter at URL:

Then Add. This could take a while.

image 131

Then go to Image. Select Jackett. Then Start.

image 132

Go to Advanced Settings.

image 133

Turn on automatic restart and then Apply. and close this window. Click Next.

image 134

Then click Apply again.

jacket synology container

You can now find Jackett at container. See if it’s active.

You can now acces Jackett at

Synology Jackett Docker tutorial

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