Installing Newsbin Pro Windows and Configuring the Base

In this Newsbin Pro tutorial we are going to install Newsbin Pro. And then configure . So that we can start downloading from the newsgroups with NewsBin Pro.

Download Newsbin Pro

Install Newsbin Pro

Start the nb673-install.exe


Click OKhere.


If all goes well, Newsbin Pro should see if you have a 32 or 64 bit system.

If not and you don’t know what you have. Then choose 32-bit. Then you are always good.

Now click Next.

newsbin-pro license

Now press Agree.

install newsbin pro

Click here on Next.


Here you can indicate in which folder Newsbin Pro is installed.

If you want to change this. Then choose Browse. And find the desired folder. Now click Next.

Configure Newsbin Pro news server


Here we enter the name of your news server.

Then click Next.


Now we need to enter the address of your news server. You can often find this in the welcome email from your news server. And otherwise on the website of your Usenet provider. If you want to use a free news server from your internet provider. Then you can click on News Server Address help. However, I advise against this. Because these news servers are usually very bad.

Once you have entered your news server address, click Next.


Enter the username of your news server at Username.

Enter the password of your news server at Password.

This information can also be found in your welcome email from your news server provider. Otherwise you can often go to the website of your news server provider.

Now click Test.


If everything went well, You get to see above message.

Then click Done. If it didn’t go well. Then apparently your username or password is incorrect. Otherwise your news server address is wrong. If this is the case. Then go back a step.

newsbin pro conections

In the top box you can indicate how much retention your news server has.

My advice leave it at 30 and adjust it later. Otherwise you can wait a very long time the first time.

The bottom box is for the number of connections you can make to your news server. This defaults to 8. It is best to change this to 5. Because you often have another program installed on your PC. Which connects to the newsgroups. Like for example SpotNet. And the limit is often 8 connections. You really won’t download faster with more connections.

Now click Install.


You may get the above error message. Most computers today have multiple cores. So click Yes.

If you don’t know and you have a very old computer, click No.


Click Finish. You are now finished installing NewsBin Pro.

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