Installing Newsleecher Windows tutorial

Newsleecher is a fairly well-known program for downloading from newsgroups. In this Newsleecher install tutorial. Let me explain how to install Newsleecher on Windows. And how you can then use it to download from the newsgroups. Download the final release here.

Install Newsleecher

When Newsleecher is downloaded. Start the setup.exe.


Now click Next.

newsleecher oke

Check the box I accept the agremeent. And now click on Next again

Install Newsleecher

Adjust the installation location here if necessary. From Newsleecher. So this is not the location where your downloads are stored!

Now click onNext again.

create newsleecher icons

Last time Next. And finally choose Install. And then on Finish.

Newsleecher is now installed.

Newsleecher tutorial

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