Installing SickChill Ubuntu via command line for tv series


In This guide we are going to install SickChill fon Ubuntu, via command line. In This SickChil Ubuntu Guide we assume that you are using the Lunix distro ubuntu. It should not matter much what Lunix distro you are using. There is no big difference between this tutorial and SickRage. This is because SickRage repositry is gehijacked by Echel0n. The original repository does not work well from SickRage.

Install SickChill Ubuntu via command line

Before we can install SickChill. We first need to install Python. We do this by executing the following command.

sudo apt-get install git-core python python-cheetah

Then enter your root password.

Now go to your home directory. or any other directory. No we are going to download SickChill.

cd ~
sudo -u sickrage git clone /opt/sickrage .sickchill

SickChill is downloaded. SickChill is downloaded to the folder “.sickchill”. The dot is for hidden folder.

We now go to the folder of SickChill. We need to rename autoProcessTV.cfg.sample, to autoProcessTV.cfg. So that we can start using the script. So that SickChill your tv shows renames to the right name.

cd ~/.sickchill
cp -a autoProcessTV/autoProcessTV.cfg.sample autoProcessTV/autoProcessTV.cfg

Now we can start SickChill.

python ~/.sickbeard/

Je can now SickChill via your browser. By default, SickChill is active at port 8081. Je can access SickChill via “http://localhost:8081”. Or via http://ip-adres:8081.

Start SickChill automatically

It is very useful to , start SickChill automatically.

We do make a copy of the startup file

sudo cp ~/.sickbeard/init.ubuntu /etc/init.d/sickbeard

We have to change the map rights.

sudo chmod +x /etc/init.d/sickbeard

Now we have to make a file with the correct settings.

sudo nano /etc/default/sickbeard

The following settings should be in this file. The file you just created.

# COPY THIS FILE TO /etc/default/sickbeard
SB_USER=your username

Now press Ctrl + x key. To save this.

Still put the rights right.

sudo chmod +x /etc/default/sickbeard

And then we go, update the boat order.

sudo update-rc.d sickbeard defaults

If, that went well. Then you can use the following commands.

sudo service sickbeard start


sudo service sickbeard stop


sudo service sickbeard restart

You are now done with the Tutoriap install SickChill Ubuntu via command line.

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