Torrent client Transmission install Synology DSM 6

In this Transmission install Synology DSM 6 tutorial. We are going to install Torrent Transmission on a Synology System DSM version 6. So that we can download the contents of Torrent files.

Add Transmission Torrent installation capability to your Synology NAS

Before we can install Transmission on your Synology NAS. Do we need to add the option to install Transmission first. If this is already done. Then you can skip this step.

Synology Package Center-um

If you are logged in. Then go to the Package Center.

Synology Settings

Now go to Settings.

Synology Package-Resources-install-allow

Check here with Any Publisher.

Synology Package Source-Add

Go to the Tablad Package Resources. And click Add. Please enter a name . And at location. Please enter the following ““. Click OK now. And now okagain.

Transmission Torrent Install Synology

Now we can actually install Transmission.

Synology Community

Click Community.

transmission-torrent synology

Look up Transmission. , and then click Install.


At sw Download directory, enter a location. Where the files are temporarily stored. Then, click Next.

torrent-transmission user ID

Please provide a User ID here. And Password on.


Click Next.


Click apply.

You can now contact Torrent Transmission via

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