Install Watcher 3 with Docker Synology

In this tutorial we are going to install the Watcher3 program via Docker. Make sure docker is installed on your Synology nass. If your Synology nas don’t support Docker, unfortunately we can’t help you further.

Install Docker

We moeten als eerste Docker installeren als dat nog niet is gedaan.

Open the packe center.

install docker synology

Go to all packages. Find Docker and click Install.

Install watcher 3 Docker synology

install watcher docker synology

Open Docker.

Go to Registry.

Search for Watcher.

Select Watcher 3 from barbewuesauce. This is the most recent version. The other versions are older.

watcher 3 version select

Then selecteer.

Watcher is now downloading.

watcher 3 docker synology image

If you look at image you will see that it is being downloaded.

Select Watcher. And then click excute .

watcher 3 docker settings

You will get the above screen. Click next.

installation watcher 3 docker synology

Now Apply.

watcher 3 docker synology container.

At container you can see that Watcher has started.

You can acces Watcher via http://ip-adres-synology:49156

watcher 3 docker synology port

You can find this information in overview.

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