Install yEncBin Poster Windows

yEncbin Poster is a program. With which it is possible to post files on Usenet. These are also known as the newsgroups. YEncBin Poster is unfortunately no longer being developed. In this tutorial, we are going to install yEncBin Poster. And Next we are going to configure yEncBin Poster. To upload, to the newsgroups.

Download yEncBin Poster:

EasyUsenetUploader_1.0.73 This is the same program only. Only under the name EasyUsenet uploader.

Download yencbin_poster_1.0.457

Download yencbin_poster_1.0.343

Install yEncBin Poster

Extract the file. And double click the Setup.exe

yencbin-poster-setup yEncBin Install Poster Windows
Click Next

yencbin poster license agreement
Click onI Accept the agreement (A) and click on Next(B)

yencbin poster winrar
If you haven’t installed Winraryet, on your computer. Then now is the time to do that. Click Next.

specify yencbin poster installation directory
Specify here where to install yEncBin Poster. Then press Next.

yenbin poster name
Enter the name of the program here. And press Next.


Click Next Again.
yencbin poster ready for installation

Click Install. Now the installation will start.

Click Finish. And the installation of yEncBin is done!

tutorial yEncBin Poster

  1. Uploading to Usenet.
  2. Install yEncBin Poster .
  3. Uploading to Usenet with Yencbin.

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