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This is an overview of Kodi tutorials that can be found on this website. Previously, Kodi was known as XBMC. Kodi is used to play movies, music and TV series. There are many plugins for Kodi available. So as for example a subtitle plugin. But also plug-ins. With which you can stream movies and series. If you want to stream movies or series here. Then it is wise to use a VPN. So others can’t see what you’re streaming.

Kodi tutorials General

These are Kodi tutorials. Used for each operating system.

Configure Kodi for Dutch

  1. Configure Kodi for foreign language.


Kodi used to be known as XBMC.

  1. Add Addic7ed to XBMC.

Kodi Windows

These tutorials are for the Windows operating system. It may be that the view is a little bit difrent. On your own computer. This is because it is a little bit different per Windows version.

Kodi Ubuntu

These tutorials are for the Ubuntu operating system. But these tutorials can also be used. If you have a different version of Lunix.

Install Kodi

  1. Install Kodi Ubuntu Minimal.

Making bootable usb Ubuntu stick from Windows

This guide explains how to create a USB stick from Windows with Ubuntu on it.

  1. make a bootable Ubuntu USB stick from Windows.

Kodi Rasberry PI

Installing Openelec

Openelec is a version of Kodi. But with everything for configured.

  1. install Openelec with Kodi on a Raspberry Pi via Windows.

Librelec is almost the same as openElec. Only the updates hereof go less quickly. And this is done by another team.

  1. Create a Librelec image for a Rasberry pi from Windows.

Kodi Apple

These are tutorials for the MAC/Apple operating system.

  1. Install Kodi on a MAC



  1. Kodi database install Synology.