LazyLibrarian install Synology to automatically download books

In this tutorial LazyLibrarian install Synology. We’re going to add the LazyLibrarian program to your Synology. Next, we’re going to configure LazyLibrarian so that your books are automatically downloaded, with the NZBGet program.

LazyLibrarian installation ability to add to your Synology NAS

Before we can add LazyLibrarian to your Synology. Do we first need to add the ability to install LazyLibrarian on your Synology NAS. If this is already done. Then you can skip this step.


If you’re logged into your Synology through your web browser.

Then go to the Package Center.

synology settings

Then, go to Settings.

Synology Package Resource Installation Allow

Select Each publisher.

synology Package Resource Add

Go to thePackage Sources tab. Now click Add. Give up a self-made name by Name. And at location, fill the following in “” Click OK and then again OK.

Install Synology LazyLibrarian


Now we can add the LazyLibrarian package to your Synology.

Now go to the Package center.

synology community

Go down and choose Community.

LazyLibrarian synology install

Look up LazyLibrarian. , and then click Install.

synology lazylibarian

Click Next.

synology lazylibarian dsm6 rights


synology lazylibarian apply

Click Apply. LazyLibrarian is now being installed.

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