Medusa tutorial overview Windows, Synology, Ubuntu

This is a Medusa tutorial overview. Medusa makes it possible to automatically download TV series from the newsgroups and via torrent files.

Medusa logo

Benefits Medusa:

  1. No more manual downloading TV series.
  2. Failed download option is present.
  3. Manually search for subtitles.
  4. Better support for Anime TV series.
  5. Libary of Kodi cleanup.
  6. Support for TVMaze and TMDB indexers
  7. Better Bittorrent support than SickBeard.
  8. Free.

cons Medusa:

  1. If you use Bittorrent, it is advisable. To use a VPN. So you remain anonymous. If you download via Usenet (newsgroups) This is not necessary. But you should use SSL.

Medusa tutorial Windows overview

This is an overview of tutorials for the program Medusa These are only targeting the Windows operating system. We cant make for each Windows operating system create a separate manual. So it may look like you have something different on your computer than described in these manuals.

Installing and configuring Medusa

What does this Medusa manual offer?

  1. Install Medusa Windows.

Medusa Synology Overview

This is an overview of manuals for the program Medusa These manuals are only aimed at a Synology NAS.

Installing and configuring Medusa with NZBGet

What is being discussed? In this Synology MedusaNZBGet manual? Beware! The NZBGet program must already be installed. And you need to be able to download from the newsgroups. With NZBGet.

  1. Install Medusa Synology
  2. Configure Medusa on Synology, with NZBGET.

Ubuntu Medusa overview

This is an overview of manuals for the program Medusa. These Medusa manuals are made for the Ubuntu system. However another Lunix distro can also be used. Almost everything is the same.

Installing and configuring Medusa

What comes to this Ubuntu Medus manual?

  1. Install Medusa Ubuntu via the command line.
  2. Configure Medusa Ubuntu.