mylar3 docker
Mylar tutorial

Install Mylar3 Docker

We are going to install Mylar3 Docker on a Synology NAS system. So that your desired comic books are downloaded automatically. This is possible with Usenet. But also via Bittorrent. Install Mylar3 Docker If you […]

Mylar installeren Synology
Mylar tutorial

Install Mylar Synology to Download Comic Books

In this tutorial Mylar install Synology. Let’s install Mylar on a Synology NAS system. Mylar maakt het mogelijk om automatisch stripboeken te downloaden uit de nieuwsgroepen. Should Mylar3 not be available for your Synology. Then […]

Mylar installeren Ubuntu
Mylar tutorial

Mylar install Ubuntu to download comic books

In this tutorial Install Mylar Ubuntu. We are going to install Mylar via the command line. On a computer with Ubuntu. To download comic books. For a recent guide see Installing Mylarr3 Ubuntu. Install Mylar […]