Newsleecher tutorial overview Windows, MAC

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This is an overview of NewsLeecher tutorial. These manuals are discussed. How you can download from the newsgroups. With NewsLeecher.

Newsleecher is a fairly well-known usenet program. For downloading from the newsgroups. NewsLeecher is one of the few Usenet programs. Where you must pay for. You can try a free NewsLeecher test version. This is valid for 15 days.

NewsLeecher benefits:

  1. Can automatically extract files.
  2. User-friendly interface.
  3. Built-in search service. This must be paid separately.
  4. Optimal download speed.

Cons NewsLeecher:

  1. Newsleecher is not free to use.
  2. Not all content can be extracted properly. While this is possible with other Usenet clients. For example SABnzbd and NZBget. This is because, Newsleecher. Not always well. With intentionally wrong named files.

windows-logo-nzbusenetNewsleecher Windows tutorial overview

This is an overview of Windows Newsleecher tutorials. These manuals are made for a computer. With the Windows operating system. In these tutorials. Can it look slightly different. That is because the display in Windows. For each windows version a new tutorial

Install and configure NewsLeecher

What is covered in this Newsleecher tutorial?

  1. Windows Newsleecher installing.
  2. Configure Newsleecher.

Use Newsleecher Super Search

  1. Super Search Newsleecher.

Ubuntu-logo-nzbusnetUbuntu NewsLeecher tutorial overview

This is only possible with the Wine program. I recommend you. To use the SABnzbd or NZBGet program.


NewsLeecher tutorial Mac

This is possible via the Winebottler program. For more information see