NZBEE Tutorial overview

NZBBE works almost the same as the old FTD. The NZBEE interface is very similar to the old familiar FTD interface. Everything from NZBEE is hosted in the cloud, the chance that there will be junk on it is also a lot smaller because there is some control over the content that is missing from SpotNet for example.

Benefits of NZBEE:

  1. Free
  2. Easy in use.
  3. Content control by mods / admins

Disadvantages NZBEE:

  1. Only available for Windows.

NZBEE tutorial overview

This is an overview of manuals for the NZBEE program.

Installing NZBEE and configure

What is covered in this NZBEE manual?

  1. Installing NZBEE .
  2. Downloading with NZBEE.