Nzbget Error Messages Fixing Known Issues

Here is a list of known NZBGet error messages. And the explanation how to solve these error messages. If you run into any other issue with NZBGet leave a comment.

Most of the problems you can get with NZBGet are folder permissions issues. With Synology, the simplest solution is often to reinstall NZBGet. With Linux, the solution is to set the folder permissions correctly with chmod.

I get CERT Errors

Solution 1 Linux
Navigate to the NZBGet installation folder. And then run the following command: sudo wget cacert.pem

Solution 2
Reinstall or update Nzbget.

Solution 3
In NZBGet, go to Settings> Security> CertCheck> Noand then Save All changes.

Unrar error code: 254

The Unrar program to extract files does not have permissions on the folder.

Solution 1
Reinstall nzbget.

Solution 2
Reset the permissions to the nzbget/bin/unrar folder.

Unrar error code: 10

The folder permissions are not set correctly on the folder. /downloads/complete

The download speed is slow

Increase the number of connections. Also check how old the post is. If it’s an old post, they sometimes go a bit slower. But it could also be DMCA. For more information see Usenet DMCA

Blocking ( for 10 sec

Something is wrong with the news server. Probably a malfunction, check the website of your Usenet provider.

Could not resolve hostname “News server address” : Err No 110, Connection timed out

Your news server has a problem. Or there is something wrong with the DNS of your internet provider. You may be able to resolve this by changing your modem’s DNS to (cloudflare) or (google).

TypeError: Argument 1 of FileReader.readAsBinaryString is not an object.
I can not attach the file because is 2 MB large.

This message may be caused by a plugin in your internet browser. Try another browser or uninstall each plugin one by one until it works.

NzbGet no longer works after an update

The easiest solution is to reinstall.

Is there any known NZBGet error messages missing? Leave a message. Then we can add it with the solution.

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