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This is an overview of Plex tutorials. They can be found on this website. Plex is a Media Center software. That indexes all your content, such as TV series, and music. And makes this available via a handy well-arranged interface.

General Plex manuals

These are Plex tutorials. That can be used for any operating system.

  1. Plex with Kodi.


These tutorials are for the Windows operating system.

  1. Install Plex and configure for Windows 10. ( Under development)


These are tutorials are for Synology NAS systems.

  1. Install and configure Plex Synology .


These tutorials are for the Ubuntu operating system. But these manuals can also be used for other Linux versions.

  1. install Plex Ubuntu via the command line.

Plex Tutorial IOS

These are tutorials for the MAC/Apple operating system.

  1. Install Plex and configure for IOS devices. ( Under development)

Plex Tutorial Android

These are manuals for the operating system Android.

  1. ( Under development)