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This is an overview of the Readarr FAQ. Here you can find the most frequently asked questions for the Readarr program. With Readarr you can automatically download E-books and audio books. This can be done via Torrent files and via the newsgroups.

What can I download with Readarr?

You can automatically download E-books and audio books with this.

A job has been canceled in Readarr, why?

This is often because one of the following is not set up correctly VPN, Proxy, IPv6, or Privoxy.

Why can’t I add a new book or author to Readarr?

Reader uses GoodReads if the book is not available here you cannot add it. It may also be due to the special punctuation marks you search on GoodReads. And then you can add the book using IDGoodReads , ISBN ID, or ASIN ID.

How do I update Readerr?

Go to System then Updates. And if an update is available, you can click Install latest. At the bottom left you will see the status of the update. At some point it will tell you to restart Readarr.

How do I back up Reader?

Go to System then Backup. And click Back up now. You can then download a zip file with the Radarr settings.

How do I restore a backup copy of Reader?

Go to System then Backup. And click Restore Backup. Then select the backup zip file.

Can I have both an Ebook and an audiobook of the same version?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. You then have to install Readarr twice. once for the E-book and once for the Audiobook.

Book reserve, but source file and torrent are not deleted

Check if you have Completed Download Handling turned on. And if you use Deluge, make sure auto-managed is enabled.

You shut yourself out.

You need to edit the config.xml file which can be found in the Appdata folder. You have to look for < AuthenticationMethod >Basic< /AuthenticationMethod > or < AuthenticationMethod >Forms< /AuthenticationMethod > verander dit dan naar None. AuthenticationMethod >None< /AuthenticationMethod >

How do I prevent the browser from starting with Readarr?

Edit the config.xml file, search for < LaunchBrowser >True< /LaunchBrowser > change it to < LaunchBrowser >False< /LaunchBrowser >

This was an overview of the Readarr FAQ. If your question is not listed, please leave a message and we can add it to the Readarr FAQ.

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