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On this page you will find an overview of known SABnzbd problems. If you miss something, feel free to post a message below. Maybe we can help you further with SABnzbd.

Unpacking failed File to long

You will receive this message if the path is too long. Everything really counts! spaces dots and so on. For example “c:\downloads\sabznbd\film\extractedfilm\film\film.avi” This can be a maximum of 265 characters. So don’t let your downloads be written too deeply.

Paused job “…” because of encrypted RAR file

There is a password on your download.

WARNING: unzip program not found!

In SABnzbd go to Settings and then Post processing. Set the following check marks here:
Enable Unrar

Abort Download After X Missing Articles

The download was not uploaded correctly. Or it did not arrive on your news server properly. You can try again later. Or add extra backup news servers in SABnzbd.

Get the message this connection is not Private

This is because the SABnzbd certificates are not valid. Because these are only local. You can solve this by installing valid certificates. But these often cost money. And these are unnecessary if SABnzbd can only be accessed locally.

You can in the SABnzbd menu (icon in your bar). Click on Troubleshooter then, restart

This turns off the protection. And then you can reach SABnzbd (half a minute later) again.

Virus scaner blocks update 2.3.6 Suspicious: W32 / Malware! DeepGuard

This is a false postive message. Your virus scanner tries to predict if this is a virus. But that is not the case. You can ignore this message and update SABnzbd without problems.

Cannot perform package service SABnzbd

You may get this message with a new installation of SABnzbd on a Synology system. See Getting SABnzbd working on DSM6.

How can I use SABnzbd with SpotNet?

In SpotNet after bewerken (edit), go to Downloaded button > Bestand opslaan (save file). And then you can open the file in SABnzbd. But don’t forget that Spotnet has a built-in version of SABnzbd. This is only useful if SABnzbd is not up to date from SpotNet.

Sabnzbd says “The post-processing has been aborted”

Update of installeer SABnzbd opnieuw. There can be several solutions for this.

Warning: Connection denied from:

If you receive these kinds of messages, your SABnzbd is open to the outside world. Someone tried to connect to your SABnzbd. But this did not work out.

Bestand extensie veranderd na uitpakken

Uncheck Deobfuscate in SABnzbd.

API key incorrect; enter the API key of ‘Configuration’ => ‘General’ in the external program

The message indicates the solution. Unfortunately you don’t see which program has used an incorrect Api. You will have to check your programs. Such as CouchPotato, Sonarr, SickRage and many others.

Reset Watched Folder every time, on Computer startup

The watched folder may not be available before SABNzbd is started. You will need to make sure that the watched folder is already there before SABnzbd is started.

This was a review of SABnzbd known problems.

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