Setting up Radarr synology to download movies with SAbznbd

In this tutorial we will configure Radarr on a Synology, with SABnzbd. To automatically download movies from the newsgroups.

Radarr Media management

radarr settings

Go to Settings.

Then to the tablad Media management.

Turn on Advance settings here.

radarr rename movies

Turn on retaking.

Standard Movie Format {Movie Title} ({Release Year}) {Quality Full}

Movie Folder Format {Movie Title} ({Release Year})

Import Extra Files.

Extra File Extensions srt, nfo

Turn on Deleted Movies

Then press Save on the top right.

Profiles Radarr

radarr profiles

We’re going to the tablad Profiles.

So if you can see there are already quite a few good profiles in Radarr. With these profiles, you indicate. In what kind of jellyfish time your movies need to be downloaded.

customize radarr profiles

I’m going to edit one.

Preferred Tags here I fill in x264 and x265. Please note not every device can handle x265! So fill it in only if you’re sure you can play x265 files.

Radarr quality

radarr quality

radarr quality 2

The above are my settings. You can take over this one. This reduces the download of junk.

Radarr Indexers

On the Indexerstab, go to the Indexers tab.

radarr indexer

Click on the plus.


radarr indexers

Choose for Newznab.

radarr newznab

Here you need to provide the data from your Newznab provider.

See a NewzNab serverlist here.

To get good results you need paid Newnznab provider.

radarr options

Specifies the following at Whitelist subtitle tags hardcoded in your own language and your country code. Unless you don’t want movies with Ingrained harcodded subtitles. Then only your country code.

radarr filter


Download client

Go to the Tablad download client.

radarr download client

Now click on the Plus sign.

radarr usenet download client

Choose SABznbd.

radarr usenet download sabznbd

This data is different for everyone.

The APi Key can be found in SABnzbd.

sabznbd settings

Go to Settings.

sabznbd api

Go to the tablad General.

See the API key.

This Api Key is different for everyone.

Download radarr movie information for Kodi or other

Go to the metadata journal

radarr kodi

Choose Kodi. Or any other service if you use it.

radarr kodi

Turn on the check mark Of Enable. And click Save.

This was the Guide Radarr Setting Synology.

You can now go to the next guide. To add movies to Radarr. So that these movies are added to Radarr to download from the newsgroups.

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