SickChill tutorial overview Windows Ubuntu Debian

SickChill User tutorial

This is an overview of SickChill tutorials. SickChill is a program to automatically download TV series. when these are posted on Usenet or can be downloaded via Torrent. You also have other programs that can do this. For example, you have Raddar for movies. And for Music, you have the Headphones program. The Github from Echel0n has succeeded in hijacking the redirection system of github, so that the now links to its Github. So SickChill is born. Actually it’s just SickRage, but with a new name.

SickChill tutorial Windows overview

This is an overview of manuals for SickChill. That only target the Windows operating system. It is difficult for us to create a separate tutorial, for each Windows operating system. So it may be that your appearance is different from what is shown in these manuals.

Install and configure SickChill with SABnzbd

In all these tutorial, we assume that you have already installed the SABnzbd program. And that you can download from the newsgroups, without any problems. If this is not the case, see the SABnzbd tutorial.

What is covered in this SickChill manual?

  1. Download and install SickChill Windows.
  2. Set up SABnzbd to use SickChill.
  3. Configure SickChill.
  4. SickChill Add tv series and download.

SickChill other

  1. SickChill known errors.

SickChill tutorial Ubuntu overview

This is an overview of tutorials for Ubuntu SickChill. That only targets the Ubuntu operating system. However, almost everything is the same as on other Unix distributions. Because most of the time we will use the command line. These tutorials are therefore only recommended for the more experienced computer users.

What is covered in this SickChill tutorial for Ubuntu?

  1. Install SickChill Ubuntu.
  2. Configure SickChill.

SickChill tutorial Debian overview

This is an overview of manuals for Debian SickChill. These manuals are only aimed at the Debian operating system.