Connect Sonarr to NZBGet Synology

In this tutorial Sonarr connect to NZBGet Synology. Let’s connect from Sonarr to NZBget. So that Sonarr sends the correct information to NZBGet to download your TV series.

NZGet Settings

Open your Browserand then open NZBGet.

Go to SettingsAnd then to Categories.


Edit a Categoryto TV here or add a new one as long as it’s called TV!

Sonarr Settings

Now we go to Sonarr.

Sonnar Settings

Go to Settings. Select the Download Client tab.

sonarr download client-torrent-add

Click on the plus sign. And then click on NZBGet.

sonarr NZBget

Now you have to enter the details of NZBGet here.

Host Localhost

Port I have this set to 8085. But by default this is 6789. You can also see the port number when you open NZBGet in your browser which is the number after the colon:

Username Username of NZBGet.

Password Password of NZBGet.

Category tv

Recent Priority High.

Older Priority Very High this because it is more difficult to download old episodes compared to recent episodes.

When you have entered everything click on Test. If that went well, click on Save.

If not, you need to check the settings of NZBGet again. And make sure NZBGet is turned on of course.

You now have a connection from Sonarr to NZBGet.

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