Sonarr v4 instellen Synology
Sonarr tutorial

Set up Sonarr v4 Synology

In this tutorial we will set up Sonarr v4 on a Synology system. Sonarr makes it possible to automatically download TV series from newsgroups and via torrent files. In this tutorial we discuss the newsgroups […]

Sonarr v4 Synology installeren
Sonarr tutorial

Install Sonarr v4 Synology

In this Installing Sonarr v4 Synology tutorial, we will install Sonarr V4 on a Synology system. In this tutorial I use DSM7. It will work approximately the same as DSM6. Only the interface looks a […]

faq sonarr
Sonarr tutorial

Sonarr FAQ most frequently asked questions

This is an overview of the Sonarr FAQ. Here you will find the most frequently asked questions for Sonarr. Is your Sonarr FAQ most frequently asked question not listed? If your question is not listed […]

Sonarr Torrent Transmission back up Synology
Sonarr tutorial

Sonarr Torrent Transmission Backup Synology

In this Sonarr Torrent Transmission backup Synology manual. I’m going to explain to you how to use Torrent Transmission. Used as a backup in Sonarr. With a Synology NAS system. This is in case you […]

Sonarr Docker installeren
Sonarr tutorial

Install Sonarr Docker to download TV series

We are going to install Sonarr Docker. So that we can start downloading the automatic TV series. The advantage of Docker is that you are not dependent on the Synology community. Install Docker for Sonarr […]

SABnzbd Sonarr instellen Windows
Sonarr tutorial

Set up SABnzbd Sonarr Windows

In this tutorial configure SABnzbd Sonarr. We are going to set up SABnzbd to use Sonarr. So that Sonarr can connect to SABnzbd. To download your TV series. From the newsgroups. Set up SABnzbd Sonarr […]

Sonarr configureren Windows
Sonarr tutorial

Configure Sonarr Windows for TV Series

In this Sonarr Configure Windows tutorial. We are going to configure Sonnar so that TV series are downloaded from the newsgroups. Sonnar Media Management Go to Settings. And then theMedia Managementtab. Advanced Settings puts you […]

installing sonarr synology
Sonarr tutorial

Install Sonarr Synology NAS System

In this Sonarr install Synology tutorial. let’s install Sonarr on a Synology NAS system. Sonarr is a very nice program to automatically download TV series from the newsgroups, and via torrent files. In this tutorial […]

Debian instellen Sonarr met-NZBGet nieuwsgroepen
Sonarr tutorial

Set up Debian Sonarr with NZBGet newsgroups

In this debian tutorial, Set up Sonarr with NZBGet for the newsgroups. We’re going to configure Sonarr so that TV series are automatically downloaded from the newsgroups. Before you start this tutorial. NZBGet must already […]

Sonarr installeren Debian
Sonarr tutorial

Install Sonarr Debian via command line

In This manual Sonarr install Debian. We will install the program Sonarr via the command line. On a Computer with Debian. Next, we will configure Sonarr. To automatically download your Favorites TV series. From the […]