Install Sonarr v4 Synology

In this Installing Sonarr v4 Synology tutorial, we will install Sonarr V4 on a Synology system. In this tutorial I use DSM7. It will work approximately the same as DSM6. Only the interface looks a little different from Synology.

Upgrade Sonarr V3 to SonarrV4 Synology

If you have installed V3 it will be upgraded to V4. V3 will be removed. It is therefore important that you first make a backup of V3.

backup sonarr v3 synology

Log in to your Sonarr console. Go to System. And click Backup Now. And download the zip file. There should be a figure in front of it. This means that you have made a backup manually.

Install Sonarr V4 Synology

If you don’t yet have the option to add packges. Then you have to set that up first.

Package center synology

Go to the Packe Center.

add packages synocommunity

Go to Settings. Click Add.

Name: don’t care.


Click Ok.

Install Sonarr 4 Synology

open and install synology v4 synology

Go to Communtity search for Sonarr v4. And then click Install.

synology sonarr v4 dsm7 agree

Click Agree.

license sonarr v4 synology

Check the box and then Next.

backup sonarr v3 synology


update sonarr synology v4

And then Next again.

Sonarr v4 Synology install rights

Click Next.

Install Sonarr v4 Synology

Next. Now wait a minute.

radarr v4 login screen synology

You can now access the Sonarr web interface at http://ip-synology:8989.

You will then see the above screen if you have not protected Sonarr with a username and password.

Set Authentication to Disabled for Local Addresses. Then you do not have to provide a password within your own private network.

And provide a username and password. Click on .

Sonarr 4 update Synology

Check whether you have installed the latest version of Sonarr v4. That wasn’t the case for me yet.

Sonarr 4 update synology

Open the Sonarr web interface and then go to System. Select Updates. And if an update is available there is a blue Install Latest button.

If you can do an update, it is best to install it.

Sonarr v4 Synology tutorial

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