SpotLite manual Winodws, Ubuntu, Mac overview

spotlite tutorial

SpotLite tutorial overview SpotLite is an overview of what can be downloaded from the newsgroups. Of course, this is only a small part of what was posted on usenet. Much of this is Dutch content. This version of SpotNet is almost the same as SpotNet. Only the program is less heavy for your computer. This is because it is a stripped down version of SpotNet. You cannot view any comments.

SpotLite Windows

This is an overview of manuals, for the SpotLite program. These tutorials. Its only aimed at the operating system Windows. We cant make for each operating system of Windows. Create a separate user manual. So it may be that on your computer it looks slightly different. Different then displayed in these tutorials.

Installing and configure SpotLite

What is covered in this SpotLite Windows manual?

  1. Installing SpotLite.
  2. Configure SpotLite .

Ubuntu and MAC SpotLite tutorial

This program is only available if you have a Ubuntu interface. Most users will therefore install Spotweb. Because you can access Spotweb from other computers. And you don’t need a Ubuntu interface.