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This is a SpotNet tutorial overview. Spotnet offers you the possibility to search for files that are posted in the newsgroups. SpotNet was created after several dutch websites were closed. Like FTD and FTN2day for example. The advantage of SpotNet is that it cannot be closed. This is because all spot information is stored in the newsgroup And not on a website.

SpotNet usenet overview Windows

This is an overview of tutorials for the SpotNet program. These only focus on the Windows operating system. We cant make for each operating system of Windows. Create a separate manual so it might look different on your computer. then it is displayed in these tutorials.

Install and configure SpotNet

What is covered in this SpotNet Classic tutorial?

  1. Installing SpotNet.
  2. Configure SpotNet .
  3. Downloading with SpotNet.

Install and configure unofficial SpotNet 2.0

What is covered in this Unofficial SpotNet 2.0 tutorial?

  1. Install unofficial SpotNet 2.0.

SpotNet extra

  1. SpotNet known issue.
  2. Create SpotDog filters for SpotNet.
  3. Update SpotNet with new SABnzbd. The last version of SpotNet clasic has the latest version of SABnzbd at the moment.

SpotNet For tutorial overview

SpotNet is a Windows application, but there are a number of versions of SpotNet that work on Ubuntu. And that is SpotLite and SpotWeb.

SpotNet MacOS tutorials

SpotNet is only available for Windows. But for the Mac Os. There are a number of variants available, and that includes SpotWeb and SpotLite.