SpotWeb sites to download NZB files from the SpotNet network

spotweb websites

This is an overview of SpotWeb sites. Here you can find NZB files. That are uploaded into the SpotNet network. Many movies are posted on the SpotNet network. With Dutch subtitles and music. However, you can also find other language content.

SpotWeb sites

SpotWeb account capability

You can create an account here. Which allows you to use SpotWeb as a newznab provider. This is what you need if you want to automatically download movies, music or series. This also often gives the opportunity to thank the Spotter for his or her Spot. Or ask questions to the Spotter.

Of course, you can also host a SpotWeb site yourself. For more information about this. See the SpotWeb tutorial.

If there is another SpotWeb site here, not listed. Then leave a comment. Then we can add it to the list.

Offline SpotWeb sites

These sites below no longer work. But sometimes they are coming back.

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