SpotWeb tutorial overview Windows, Ubuntu, Synology

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This is a SpotWeb tutorial overview. SpotWeb is a web based overview From what can be downloaded from the newsgroups. You can install Spotweb on any system where you can install a web server. It’s just a bit difficult than a SpotNet installation. But once installed. You have more benefits than SpotNet. This way you can easily access it from any computer. And you have an extra NewzNab server. You need that for automatic download programs. Like SickRage and CouchPotato for example.

windows logo-nzbusenetSpotWeb Windows

This is an overview of tutorials for the SpotWeb program. These tutorials are aimed only at the operating system Windows We cant make for each operating system of Windows. Create a separate user manual. This can prevent it. That the display on your computer looks different.

Install and configure SpotWeb with EasyPhp

What is covered in this SpotWeb tutorial?

  1. Install Easyphp and SpotWeb.
  2. Setting up SpotWeb Windows

Install and configure Xampp SpotWeb

What is covered in this SpotWeb tutorial?

  1. Install SpotWeb with Xamp Windows .

NewzNab SpotWeb provider

SpotWeb, can also be used as a NewzNab server. However, the results are often less good. Then a Newznab provider. Made with Nzedb or the Newznab script.

  1. Configure SpotWeb as NewzNab.

Ubuntu logo-nzbusnetSpotWeb tutorial Ubuntu overview

What is covered in these Ubuntu SpotWeb tutorials?

Install and configure SpotWeb

  1. Install and configure SpotWeb Ubuntu .

Configure SpotWeb as Newznab

  1. Configure SpotWeb as NewzNab Ubuntu Apache.


This is an overview of tutorials for the SpotWeb program, for Synology.

Install and configure SpotWeb

What is covered in this SpotWeb Synology tutorial? This tutorial is made for DSM version 6. The chance that this works on DSM version 5 is very small.

  1. Installing SpotWeb Synology (DSM 6).
  2. Configure SpotWeb Synology.

Known issues Troubleshooting SpotWeb Synology

What is being discussed? in this SpotWeb Synology tutorial?

  1. Get SpotWeb working on DSM 6.
  2. SpotWeb solve known problems Synology.