Subtitles download software English subtitles

Subtitles download programs. This is a subtitle download software overview. That makes it possible to download subtitles. This is possible for your films and series. You can choose to automatically download the subtitles. Or you can choose to search for subtitles manually.

The subtitle file is often offered as an SRT file. If you downloaded the subtitle. Then you have to give the subtitles the same name as the film or TV series. And put in the same folder. So the program with which you play the movie. Know that the subtitles belong to that film or TV series. See here a list of subtitle download sites.

Here below some tips. To find the right subtitle. that runs synchronously.

you have a BluRay 720p or 1080p movie downloaded.

Then pick the 720p/1080p version as the first choice. If there is no 720p or 1080p version available. Try the BDrip. If there is no BDrip then try the DVDrip. and otherwise a Webdll. Very small that it works with a Webdll.

You have downloaded a HD rip movie.

First try to find a HD rip version. and otherwise a Webdll. The probability that the sub is synchronous. Is very small.

You have downloaded an HDTV serie.

Try to find a HDTV version. The probability of success with a WEBDLL is small.

You have downloaded a WEBdll series

Try to find a Webdll first. and otherwise a Hdrip/HC version. Should these not be available either. Try a HDTV version.

Windows Subtitles download programs

This is an overview of Windows manuals. To download subtitles. With these programs you can search and download subtitles.

Bs. Player

  1. installing BS.Player and download subtitles.


  1. download subtitles with VLC.


  1. Download subtitles with Sublight.

Install and configure Auto-sub

Auto-Sub for Windows. Allows you to automatically. Download English and Dutch subtitles. For your TV series.

  1. Install Auto-sub on a Windows computer.

Auto-Sub Install and configure. (old version)

  1. Auto-Sub install Windows old version. This version is heavily obsolete. And most likely doesn’t work well anymore.

Synology subtitle download Programs

Install and configure Auto-sub

Auto-Sub for Synology. Makes it possible to. Automatically download your subtitles for your TV series.

  1. Install Auto-Sub.
  2. Install Auto-Sub manually Synology. This manual must be used. If the above manual does not work.

Install Subliminal and configure

With Subliminal for Synology. You can automatically download subtitles For your movies.

  1. Install Subliminal Synology. You should not expect a lot from Subliminal. Because it does not happen very often. That the correct subtitle is downloaded. You can better use Kodi. For Kodi there are multiple subtitle plug-ins available. That work very well.

Ubuntu Subtitles download programs

Install and configure Auto-sub

Auto-Sub for Ubuntu. Makes it possible to automatically download your subtitles for your TV series.

  1. Install Auto-Sub Ubuntu.

Install Subliminal and configure

Subliminal for Ubuntu. Makes it possible to automatically download your subtitles for your movies.

  1. Install Subliminal Ubuntu.

If the above software does not provide a solution. Then you can download the subtitles yourself via subtitle download sites.