Install Transmission Torrent client on a Synology NAS

In this Transmission manual we will install the torrent client Transmission on a Synology NAS system. So that we can download the contents of torrent files. Torrent files are an ideal way to backup. If something can no longer be downloaded from the newsgroups. Before you begin this manual, Sonarr and SABnzbd all must be installed on your Synology. Because I explain. How to download TV series with the backup torrent client Transmission. With the Sonarr program.

Add Transmission Torrent installation option to your Synology NAS.

Before we can install Transmission on your Synology NAS, we must first add the option to install Transmission on your Synology NAS. If this is already done. You can skip this step.

Synology Package Center-um

If you are logged in, go to the Package Center.

Synology Settings

Now choose Settings.

any publisher synology

Check Every publisher.

Synology Package Source-Add

Go to the Package Sources tab and click Add. Enter a Name and at location enter the following “” Now click OK and OKagain.

Create transmission download folder

Before we can actually install Transmission, we first need to create a folder where your downloads are stored

synology shared-folder

Go to the start screen of your Synology NAS and choose File Station. Click Create and then Create New Shared Folder.


Give the folder a name and choose a location. Once you’ve done that, click OK.


Click on Local Users and choose Local Groups.

folder rights torrent

You must check users Read/write permissions. And of course also give the Administrators group access. Then click OK.

image 71

Your folder has now been created and you can now see it on the left side. Click on it with your right mouse and choose Properties. Select the Location and copy it because you need it for the installation. Close this screen.

Install Transmission Torrent Synology

Now we can actually install Transmission.

Synology Community

Scroll down and click Community.

transmission-torrent synology

Find Transmission and clickInstall. During the installation you will be asked for a download folder paste it here now. When the Installation is finished, you can access Transmission via your browser at the following address http://your-ip-adressl:9091

Torrent Transmission Tutorial Synology

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