Ubuntu download movies with CouchPotato automatically

Now couchpotato is installed. Now we’re going to discuss the options how to download movies with CouchPotato. You can do this by looking up your own movies in CouchPotato. Or via the IMDB app.

find couchpotato movies

If you start CouchPotato. Do you have a box in the middle where you can specify the desired movie name.

couchpotato movie search on the bottom left

You can also do this at the bottom left. With the magnifying glass.

Now a list of movies is emerging.

Choose the movie you want to download.

Now you can choose in what quality you want to download the movie. Then CouchPotato goes looking for the movie.

CouchPotato doesn’t go the same way, of course. Find out everything. This is going to be in phases. Otherwise, the newznab websites become overloaded.

couchpotato searcher settings

If you want to adjust the time for this. Can you do that the next way?

Go back to Settings. And choose Searcher.

On the left side of the check mark Show advanced settings.

If the check mark is on, you can adjust the time. See the image above.

Download CouchPotato movies via Imdb.com APP

It is also possible to download movies that you have added to your IMDB watchlist. The advantage of this is that you can easily add movies through different devices. For example, on your Iphone or Andriod phone.

Search for the Imdb app on your phone and install it. Because it’s quite annoying to search your phone on the IMDB website itself. Also, this is a little slower.

Before you can use this functionality. You will first have to create an account on imdb.com. Once you’re logged into IMDd.com you’ll see a link Your Wachlist. Click. And then choose Edit List. Click Change list settingsnow. Put the tick to Make this list a public list visible to all IMDb Users. This should otherwise CouchPotato will not work with the IMDb watchlist. Then click Close and then Done.


Now click the orange icon with your right mouse(RSS icon). And copy this link. The link should look something like “http://rss.imdb.com/user/ur35789448/”. There should be no watchlist in the url.

Now go back to your CoucPotato.

Go back to Settings. And then to automation.

Turn on IMDB. And paste the just copied link under URL. And put that check mark on, too.

Now, if you’ve set everything up right. Now everything is downloaded. What you added to your watchlist. This could take a while. Beware! Adding TV series to your watchlist is of no use. These series will not be downloaded. If you want to download automatic TV series, you can do this with SickBeard or Sonarr, for example.

You’re done now with the Download Movies manual with CouchPotato.

Have fun downloading your movies, via Couchpotato!

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