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This is an overview of Ubuntu tutorials. Found on this Usenet information website. If you use a different Linux version, then that is often no problem. Then you can also use these Usenet Ubuntu manuals.

Usenet download clients


SABNZBD is used to download from the newsgroups. SABnzb can be accessed via your browser.

  1. Installing SABnzbd Ubuntu .


With NZBGet you can download files from the newsgroups. You must approach NZBGet from your web browser.

  1. NZBGet installing Ubuntu.

Download Torrent Clients

Torrent Transmission

This is a webassed torrent client.

  1. Install Torrent Transmission Ubuntu.
  2. Configure Torrent transmission Ubuntu.

Automatic Download programs


CouchPotato is used to automatically download movies. Once your desired movies, are posted in the newsgroups. or via torrent files.

Install CouchPotato with download client SABNZBD

  1. Install CouchPotato Ubuntu.
  2. Configure CouchPotato Ubuntu.

Install CouchPotato with download client NZBGet

  1. Ubuntu Couhpotato installing .


LazyLibrarian makes it possible to automatically download ebooks from the newsgroups.

  1. Ubuntu LazyLibrarian installing.


With Mylar it is possible to automatically download comic books from the newsgroups.

  1. Mylar installing Ubuntu.


With SickRage it is possible to automatically download TV series from the newsgroups. Or via Bittorent.

  1. SickRage installing Ubuntu.


  1. SickBeard installing Ubuntu.
  2. Configure Sickbeard Ubuntu.


  1. Sonarr installing Ubuntu.
  2. Configure Sonarr with NZBGet Ubuntu.


  1. SickChill installing Ubuntu.
  2. Configure SickChill Ubuntu.

Media Center Software


Kodi used to be known as XMBC. Kodi is a free open source program to play your media. There are many plug-ins available for Kodi.

  1. Install Kodi on Ubuntu without interface.


Plex is a paid piece of software to play your media.

  1. Ubuntu Plex installing via the command line.

HTPC Manager

  1. Ubuntu HTPC manager installing via the command line.

Other Ubuntu tutorials

This is an overview of manuals that do not belong anywhere else.

  1. Ubuntu SpotWeb installing and configuring.