Uploading to Usenet Ubuntu command line

In this tutorial “Uploading to Usenet Ubuntu command line” im going to explain how to upload to usenet with the command line.

Install software to upload to Usenet

install requirements software. For uploading, and for making RAR and PAR  files.

sudo apt-get install par2 newspost rar

Make rar files

Make rar files.

rar a “the name of the rar files” -v50m -m0 “/home/example/upload/”*


v50m Makes 50mb rar files.

-m0 Compressie level. 0 is save. 3 is standard. 5 is best.

/home/example/upload all files in this map are rared.

Make par files

This is the command to make par files.

par2create -r5 -n8 “name of par file” /home/voorbeeld/upload/*.rar*

Explanation command.

-r5 Is how much per cent. So in this case it is 5%.

-n8 is how many par files. So in this case its 8.

” /home/example/upload/*.rar* Select all files that ends with .rar

Posting to Usenet

Now we are going to upload to Usenet.

newspost -i upload.server.com -u username -p password -f [email protected] -n alt.binaries.moovee -y -s “topic” “/home/example/upload/*.part*” “/home/example/upload/*.par*”

Every thing in folder /home/example/upload/ is uploaded to usenet. In the group alt.binaries.moovee

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