VidCoder subtitles in your video file

In this tutorial I explain how to use VidCoder to harcode subtitles. This is also called burning in subtitles. VidCoder is a fairly simple piece of software that makes it very easy to do this. This can be very useful if your TV can’t handle it. With separate subtitle files. But also for example your i-pad. Or another device that can’t handle loose subtitles.

Install VidCoder

We need to be the first to install VidCoder.

install vidcoder

Press Next.

vidcoder install c disk

Click Install.

vidcoder install ready

VidCoder’s installation is now complete. Click Finich.

Pin subtitles with VidCoder

Start VidCoder.

capture vidcoder video and subtitles

Click File Video. And look up your movie.

Then click gear.

vidcoder video mkv

Choose on the left. The quality you want. Then choose container MKV. Otherwise, it’s going to be an MP4. And not every device gets along well with this.

Then close this window.

Select the plus next to no subtitles. And then select. Your subtitles file.

vidcoder video subtitles

Turn on the check mark Integrate with image.

Select target folder. Where your file should be stored. Make sure you have enough space on your hard drive.

vidcoder video encoding subtitles burn in

Click Encodenow.

Your movie is now being converted.


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