Watcher3 installeren Docker Synology
Watcher tutorial

install Watcher3 Docker Synology

In this tutorial, we are going to install the Watcher3 program Docker. Make sure Docker is installed on your Synology nass. If your Synology nas don’t support Docker, unfortunately we can’t help you further. Install […]

Watcher installeren Qnap ssh
Watcher tutorial

install Watcher Qnap system via SSH

We are going to install Watcher on Qnap. In this tutorial. Install Watcher on a QNAP Nas. So you can download movies. This has been tested on QTS 4.2.x to 4.4.x. If you have a […]

Watcher installeren Ubuntu
Watcher tutorial

Install Watcher Ubuntu command line

In this tutorial install Watcher Ubuntu command line. We are going to install the Watcher program via the command line. Watcher makes it possible to automatically download your films from the newsgroups. Unfortunately, Torrent files […]